Dental Fillings & Restorations

Get An Attractive, Natural-Looking Smile With Composite Restorations From The Art Of Smile Dental!

Natural-looking composite resin fillings are made with a material consisting of a mixture of microscopic ceramic and glass particles dispersed in a plastic resin that can be bonded to teeth. The material comes in a wide range of shades, allowing for a perfect match with your natural tooth color and can be molded and sculpted to create almost any shape or contour. The fact that the resin is bonded to the teeth means a seal is formed to reduce the leakage, which is common with silver fillings.

Composite fillings and restorations are quite durable and can be used in front teeth and molars alike. At the Art of Smile we use a composite material that is particularly quick-curing, which cuts down on the time you spend in the chair. Unlike the inlay and onlay restorations that are crafted in an outside lab, composite fillings can be made on-site and completed in only one office visit.

Composite resin can also be used to correct a tooth gap, cover spots and discolorations, repair chips and fractures, re-shape and contour teeth, and replace older unsightly metal fillings. Composite resin is generally used for smaller defects in one or two teeth. In cases of more extensive damage or a complete smile makeover, different techniques, such as inlays, onlays, porcelain veneers or crowns fabricated in a dental lab are utilized.

Composite resins offer a non-invasive way to improve your smile. If you have any concerns about the appearance of your teeth, call us for a free consultation to see if bonding with composite resin will give you the smile you’ve always wanted, and the enhanced self-confidence that goes along with it. To schedule an appointment at The Art of Smile Dental, call us today.