Emergency Dental Services

Don’t Wait! Call Right Away for Emergency Dental Treatment in Florham Park, NJ

With emergency dental care just a call away, there is no need to suffer if an urgent dental issue comes up. We see a large number of emergencies every week. We even offer same-day appointments so we can get you out of discomfort and on the road to healing as soon as possible.

As hard as you try to avoid them, accidents resulting in broken, fractured, and chipped teeth can happen. Sometimes, especially in the case of a fractured tooth, you may not realize you are injured. For this reason, it is a good idea to seek dental care after an accident, even if you aren’t feeling pain or obviously injured. A fractured tooth is relatively easy to treat when caught in time, but if it goes untreated, tooth decay and infection could result at a later time.

The longer you wait to have your injury treated, the more likely you will experience permanent damage. Even a knocked out tooth can often be restored to its natural health if you get to The Art of Smile dental office soon enough. A dental injury as a result of an accident is not the only oral health emergency you may encounter. If you experience a sudden and severe toothache, you need to seek dental care right away. A toothache can be the result of a lot of things: a cavity, a loose filling, or a root canal. Whatever its cause, the toothache is a signal the tooth is in distress, and could be a symptom of a larger oral health concern.

Sometimes a toothache may go away as suddenly as it arrived. Don’t take this to mean your problems are gone. Pain going away could be an indication of nerve damage, which makes it all the more important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Whenever you find yourself faced with a dental emergency, we are here to help, call us today. Same-day and weekend emergency care appointments are available, so we can get you out of pain and provide you with the care you need.