Gum Contouring Services

Achieve a Perfect Smile With Gum Contouring from the Art of Smile Dental!

You can’t underestimate the role the gums play in the overall appearance of the mouth. You can make major improvements to a gummy smile. Excess gum tissue can make teeth appear shorter than they really are, and proportion can be restored with a gum lift, or gingivectomy. Either a laser or traditional surgery can be used, (or a combination of both), but this can depend on your individual condition.

For those with gum discrepancies, like different gum heights from tooth to tooth, this can sometimes be done simply with a laser to expose more tooth. This is an easy procedure that will have your smile looking better in minutes. Healing time is very minimal, perhaps a day or two. If removing excess gum exposes part of the root surface, this will usually have to be covered with a porcelain veneer or bonding.

Extreme cases, such as when gum and bone need to be removed, require a more extensive procedure. We used to have to do a surgery where the gum is cut and a flap is created before a few millimeters of bone are removed and the gum is sutured up. Today the same procedure can be done with a special laser, considerably shortening healing time and eliminating much of postoperative pain. Both lasers and traditional surgeries are great options and the best option for you will be determined by the expertise of the dentist.

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